LED High Bay Light-200W


Item number. LED industrial light Dimension(mm)  450mm*650mm
Input Voltage 85-265Vac Weight(kg)  11.5KG
Power(W) 200W Main material Glass+Aluminum
LED Type COB LEDs Epistar Power supply Constant driver
LED quantity(pcs) 1pcs Beam Angle 90°/120°
Working currency 4A Rendering index More than 80%
LED Lighting Efficiency 100Lumens/watt Working Environment humidity:10%-90%
Color available Cool white Warm white Power factor >90%
Luminous flux(Lm) 17200LM 16800LM Operate Temperature <60 degrees Celsius
Color Temperature(K) 6000-6500K  3000-3500K Light Decay 3‰ thousand hours

LED industrial light instructions:

LED High Bay Lights (LED Warehouse Lights, LED Industrial Lights) are designed to replace traditional H.I.D. (High Intensity Discharge) lamps. Metal Halide High Bay Fixtures, one of the families of HID lamps are used for general purpose lighting including warehouse facilities, assembly areas, gyms, hangars, transportation garages, loading and staging areas. 
LED industrial lights are the ideal replacements of metal halide high bay lamps, as LED high industrial lights can save about 60 - 80% of energy comparing with metal halide lamps. 
The replacement of LED industrial lights can not only save the energy and electricity bills, it can also lower the maintenance fees as LED''s lifespan is 5 to 10 times longer than traditioal H.I.D lamps

We manufacture LED industrial lights from 50-300 watts, which are a direct replacement for 250-1000 watt Metal Halide High Bay units. SVLED Technologies High Bays reduce energy consumption by up to 80%, depending on your application. Our LED fixtures are a low heat emitting light source which reduce HVAC loads and temperatures. SVLED LED industrial light fixtures have a long life span of over 50,000 hours, which reduce maintenance cost. Our LED industrial light fittings produce No UV or IR, providing clean crisp light, which does not degrade product inventory or lead to eye exhaustion. Our High Bay fixtures are produced with either Metal or Clear Acrylic Reflectors, which provide upward (ceiling) illumination.

LED industrial light advantages:

1.Energy saving and environmental protection: led industrial light fittings more than 70% energy saving than traditional high bay, Do not contain mercury, no ultraviolet radiation,led industrial light
low light body temperature reducing the quantity of heat discharge, More than 50000 hours service life
2.System integration design (lamp shell work as radiator): led high bay fully guarantee the needs of LED heat conductivity, cooling needs and long service life.
3.Large cooling area: led industrial lights ensure the section temperature of LED, TJ less than 50°C when Ta at 25°C.
4.Unique optical design: make the LED illumination distribution more even.
5.High brightness LED and high luminous efficiency: led industrial light LED flux more than 110 lm/w; lamps efficiency more than 85%.
6.CRI over 80%,make led industrial light the lighting area and equipments more clearly.
7.Optional color temperature, Meet different requirements of the color temperature.
8.Wide working voltage 80-265VAC, 40-60Hz.
9.Power adopts temperature compensation constant current technology: make led industrial light without delay process and flash brightness problems. Self temperature adjustment, no strict environment temperature requirements, long service life.
10. The products using high-quality aluminum production, fine workmanship, the outward appearance is exquisite, built-in radiator, heat dissipation superior performance.
11. Products choose the imported high brightness LED light (using the Epistar COB taiwan imported high power chips, the built-in constant-current driving power, to ensure high efficiency and energy saving, long stable job. Lumens degrees: 5000LM!


1. Tunnel, Subway, Underground Lighting; 
2. Gymnasium, Sports Stadium Lighting; 
3. Building, Billboard Lighting; 
4. Gas Station, Garage Lighting; 
5. Park, Garden Lighting; 
6. Workshop, Factory Lighting; 
7. Warehouse, Storage Lighting; 
8. Yard, Square Lighting;
9. Road, Highway Lighting; 
10. Station, Dock, Deck, Ship, Boat Lighting;

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