LED high bay light-50w


Item number. Indoor led shop light Dimension(mm)  420mm*520mm
Input Voltage 85-265Vac Weight(kg) 11.8KG
Power(W) 50W Main material Glass+Aluminum
LED Type COB LEDs Epistar Power supply Constant driver
LED quantity(pcs) 1pcs Beam Angle 80°/120°
Working currency 1.5A Rendering index More than 80%
LED Lighting Efficiency 100Lumens/watt Working Environment humidity:10%-90%
Color available Cool white Warm white Power factor >90%
Luminous flux(Lm) 4500LM 4050LM Operate Temperature <60 degrees Celsius
Color Temperature(K) 6000-6500K  3000-3500K Light Decay 3‰ thousand hours

Indoor led shop light specifications:

1. Aluminium Reflector Beam Angle 45/90/120 degree available. Crystal PC reflector only 45 degree, with dustpoof cover only 45 degees.
2.Material: Lamp sheel adopts excellent aluminum, anodizing and anti-corrosion treatment, fancy performance, compact and beautiful structure.
3. LED Chip: Use high brightness single semiconductor chip Bridgelux 45mil as light source, use multiple integrated single-chip design.
4. LED Driver: Built-in-cross-flow Meanwell power supply, to ensure the lamp’s stability.
5. Heat-pipe radiator: Copper bottom + copper center(inside flux when lighting it liquid when off solid) + Aluminum Alloy Filipper, cool down the temperature much more quickly, best cool solution until now. 
6. Lifespan: If works 12 hours per day, it can be used Five to Ten years, very low maintance costs.
7. IP65: Light body with toughened glass and waterproof silica gel seal, and internal epoxy potting, so the lmap double waterproof.
8. Green: Pollution-free, no lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no pollution to the enviroments, no RF interference.
9. Convenient to install, High universality, widely application ranges.
10. Certificate: SAA,CE,RoHS,PSE(applying now, from Jul.1st takes about 45 days will get certificate).
11. Warranty: 2 years for lamp fixture with our driver. 3 years for 120-240W lamp fixture with Meanwell driver
12.Heat dissipation:Patent cooper pipe radiator with advanced heat conduction material;
13. Suspended type and spot type are available for different application area;

Indoor led shop light advantages:

1.The 50 Watt Indoor LED shop light can save 70% energy of the traditional Metal Halide lamp, sodium light or HPS light .
2.The light source or LEDs we install in our highbay light are: Epistar 100-120 LM/W LED''s.
3.Total luminous flux is higher than >4500 Lumens.
4.High Quality CE driver: is power factor of >0.95
5.90 degree and 120degree are available, also the shingly and frosted case are optional. 
6.Working environment temperatures from -60° to +50° Celsius.
7.We take great care in manufacturing our products for this reason we supply our products with a standard 3 years factory warranty.
8.Use single integrated chip(30W–100W)as the light source , saving energy up to 70%.
9.High heat conductivity, low luminous decay, pure light color and no ghosting.
10. Environment friendly. Do not have lead, hydrargyrum and any other contamination. No pollution to the air.
11.The Indoor led shop light is controlled by constant current and constant voltage. Its working voltage (90-305VAC) can overcome the electrical grid, noise pollution and unstable light caused by ballast. It can also eliminate the glare and fatigue.
12.Indoor led shop light include high thermal conductivity, low lumen decay, high color purity, no flickering,High power LED, high efficiency power supply
Special heat release & lamp body integration design
13.Pollution free, no harmful element such as lead or mercury, no electromagnetic disturbance, no flickering,low voltage and current, low heat emission, no potential hazard


LED high bay lamp is widely used in warehouse, workshops, factories, toll stations, gas stations,supermarkets, exhibition halls, gymnasium, and some other places where need industrial lighting

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