LED Street light -56W


Item number. LED road lamp Dimension(mm)  764*357*158mm
Input Voltage 85-265Vac Weight(kg)  9.5KG
Power(W) 56W Main material Glass+Aluminum
LED Type High power LED Epistar Power supply Constant driver
LED quantity(pcs) 56pcs Beam Angle 80°/120°
Working currency 1.5A Rendering index More than 80%
LED Lighting Efficiency 100Lumens/watt Working Environment humidity:10%-90%
Color available Cool white Warm white Power factor >90%
Luminous flux(Lm) 4800LM 4200LM Operate Temperature <60 degrees Celsius
Color Temperature(K) 6000-6500K  3000-3500K Light Decay 3‰ thousand hours

LED road lamp characteristics:

Type: LED road lamp 56W
Power: 56W
Input Voltage: AC 85-265V, DC 12V-24V
Frequency Range: 50Hz-60Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion: <9%
Power Factor: >0.95
Power Efficiency: >87%
Working Voltage: DC 30-36V
LED Consumption: 60W
System Consumption: 56W
LED Lumens: 90-100lm/W
Lamp''s Efficiency: >90%
Color Tempreture: 2700K-7000K
CRI: 80
Light Distribution: Oval
Light Design: LED +Lens
View Angle: 120 degree
Junction Tempreture: <80 degree
Working Tempreture: -40 degree to +55 degree
Storage Tempreture: -25 degree to +65 degree(+25 degree is the best)
Work Hunidity: 10%-95% RH
IP Grade: IP65
Working Lifespan: 50,000 hours
The color of the Lamp Shell: White, Grey
Certificates: CE & ROHS
Net Weight: 10.5kgs

Advantages of LED road lamp:

1.Using the famous brand of Taiwan EPISTAR cold light source.good monochromaticity, soft light, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, less power consumption, high reliability, long life (50000 hours), energy saving and environmental protection.

2.using efficient light distribution technology, through the overall lens utilizing light reflection, refraction, diffraction characteristics of light fully integrated, up to two times the light distribution effect, ensuring the highest light utilization rate, expanding the lighting range, improves the luminous efficiency and uniformity of illuminance, luminance is three to five times the ordinary lamp. High light utilization ratio, light effect, low maintenance cost.

3.using surface anode oxidation process of aluminum alloy shell, strong shock resistance, corrosion resistance;

4.The LED road lamp body adopts high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy as the main heat, additional nanometer thermal technology, heat pipe technology as one of the light source heat dissipation system, with a special surface treatment and heat dissipation design, to achieve the best state.

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