Face Shield



1.MATERIAL:Made of super transparent, recyclable PET(Polyethylene terephthalate). lightweight, clear vision, fast and easy to wear.

2.FULL FACE PROTECT:This face shield is designed to protect your whole face from spray and splatter, droplet, dust, oil smoke and so on.

3.WIDE APPLY:General protection, Suitable for home, shops, restaurants or dental use, dust and splash proof.

4.COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE:The surface contacts with the skin has a soft sponge, the rope is elastic and comfortable to wear.

5.REUSABLE:The protective cover is waterproof and dustproof, easy to clean, and can be recycled after disinfection.This Face Shield is made of polymer material, consists of a protective cover, foam strip and fixing device, provides excellent protection.

6.Item Weight 2.46 ounces

7.Size: 32 x 22cm

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