Automotive LED Light Information

Usually LED lights operate on 12VDC. Other special LED lights voltages are available by request, such as 6VDC, 24VDC. LED lights replace the need for continuous replacement of light bulbs for their long-life. Besides, they save up to 80% of energy as illuminate much more lights. LED bulbs and LED lamps are available in different colors of super white, red, green, blue, yellow/Amber, Purple (UV) ultraviolet and color changing RGB depending on each product. The standard types of Plug-in include 1156, 1157, 3156, 3157, 7440, 7443, 921, 194, T5 wedge, T10 wedge, T15 wedge, T20, T25, which can be used for tire lamp, tire lights, firefly, valve caps, valve stem, tire flies, festoon indicator bulbs, running lights, headlights and signal turn lights on cars and motorcycles.

     LED lights work for all automotive lighting purposes. Custom LED lights can be used for motorcycle saddlebags, fenders, bumpers, tailgates, panels, ceilings, floors, and tail lights in vehicles and motorcycles. The interior of the car or vehicle’s top lights can be replaced with a LED light, rear view mirrors side lights, too. LED lights can be used for dashboard indicators, brake lights, tail lights, side makers, turn signals, blinkers, running lights, marker lights, clearance lights, fog LED lights, day LED lights, license plates. It also reduces the cost for replacing expensive lights for it lasts so long and there won’t be a need for a constant change or repair. What’s more, it also consumes less energy than traditional automotive lights. All of the LED light products are waterproof. In the water, they will last an extremely long amount of time. LED will last much longer with the moisture resistance which makes it a top choice for rainy or constantly damp locations.

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