New Development Trend of Auto Lamp

Auto lamp didn’t catch people’s eye in the past, but along with the appearance of LED lamp, the situation come to change. Nowadays people pay more and more attention to auto lamps. Auto parts industry will not drop the opportunity and more and more auto parts manufacturers begin to intensively develop LED auto lamps.

    Auto lamp develops from filament lamp, halogen lamp, xenon lamp to the latest LED lamp. As the fourth generation, except high input, LED lamp has many advantages:

    1. Long Service Life. It can be used for 100 thousand hours at most, even if your car is out of service, the LED lamp can still be used.

    2. Energy-saving. Compared with a filament lamp of same brightness, a LED lamp can save half of the electricity. Energy-saving and emission-reduction is the development trend of auto parts industry.

    3. High Quality Light. The light is almost non-radiation and is really green light.

    4. Simple Structure. Using inside supporting structure sealed with transparent epoxy resin. It has strong vibration resistance.

    5. Fast Response Speed. The time of warm boot doesn’t need, the response speed can be counted by nanosecond.

    6. Low voltage. The voltage is between 6~12V, which is suitable for cars.

    7. Small size. So the designers can make full use of their talent to make the car more beautiful.

    LED auto lamps have already been used in some superior automobiles. They can be used as fancy lamps and function lamps which include brake light, clearance lamp, cornering lamp, stop lamp, reversing lamp, fog-light and so on.

    The luminous power and costs are two main factors that restrict the development of LED lamps. But nowadays more and more attention is given to it, more and more enterprises and scientific research institutions are involved in the work of researching and developing LED lamps, we believe these two restraining factors will be solved soon.

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