T5 LED tube light-8w

Production description:

1、 Original anodizing lamp cap (national patert), rust and corrosion protection.
2、 Original radiator structure (national patent), no the principle of conduction,convection and radiation to  achive perfect heat dissipation.
3、 Original pinpoint constant current power supply
    ①Input voltage within AC85V-264V,or12DC、24DC the illuminance mainly keep the same,power keeps constant.
     ②Power Efficiency ≥85%,Power Factor≥0.9, THD≤20%.
     ③Intelligent power supply design,avoiding electric current''''s direct impact to LED chips,protect LED efficiently and prolong its service life.
4、 Made by upscale,high quality material.Accurate technical process,strictly control the quality,aseismatic andanti- throw.
5、 Energy conservation and pollution reduction.High btightness,high efficiency,low energy consumption and less heat,saving more than 70% energy than the ordinary lighting source.(Note:Proved by the testing of quality and technical supervision bureau).
6、 Environment-friendly.Made by environmental materiel.Most components can be recycled, no light pollution,no radiation or environmental pollution.
7、 Long life span. Attenuation ≤30% after 40000 hours.
8、 No strobo flash. Working with direct current, eliminating the eye fatigue.
9、 No filament or glass shell, won''''t be broken as traditional tubes.
10、High CRI,good colour rendering, and a variety of colour temperature options. True colour rendering,
good identigication; Can meet to different requirements of colour temprature in different occasions.
11、Work under low heat and low voltage, safe and reliable. LED junction temperature can be controlled bellow a ideal temperature(TJ<60℃,when environmental temperature Ta=25℃)
12、No UV, no radiation.

Working Volt(V):AC85V – 264V
Work Freq(HZ):47HZ – 63HZ
Size(MM): T5 – 600
Power Factor(PF):Ø  0.95
Luminous Flux(LM):≥ 760
CT(K):2500K – 6800K
CRI(Ra):Ø  75
Working Temp(℃):-25℃ - 50℃
Storage Temp(℃) :-40℃ - 80℃
Operating Humidity:≥10%,≤90%
Material: Aluminum+PC

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