led bulb-3w

Product Description

1、Original radiator structure (national patent), no the principle of conduction,convection and radiation to achive perfect heat dissipation.
2、Original pinpoint constant current power supply(national patent
       ①、Input voltage within AC85V-264V, the illuminance mainly keep the same,power keeps constant.
       ②、Power Efficiency ≥85%,Power Factor≥0.92, THD≤20%.
       ③、Work within AC85V-264V, the illuminance mainly keep the same,
       ④、Intelligent power supply design,avoiding electric current''''s direct impact to LED chips,protect LED efficiently and prolong its service life.
3、Made by upscale,high quality material.Accurate technical process,strictly control the quality,aseismatic and anti- throw.
4、Energy conservation and pollution reduction.High btightness,high efficiency,low energy consumption and less heat,saving more than 70% energy than the ordinary lighting source.(Note:Proved by the testing of  quality and technical supervision bureau).
5、Environment-friendly.Made by environmental materiel.Most components can be recycled, no light pollution,no radiation or environmental pollution.
6、Long life span. Attenuation ≤30% after 40000 hours.
7、High CRI,good colour rendering, and a variety of colour temperature options. True colour rendering, good identigication; Can meet to different requirements of colour temprature in different occasions.
8、Work under low heat and low voltage, safe and reliable. LED junction temperature can be controlled bellow a ideal temperature(TJ<60℃,when environmental temperature Ta=25℃)
9、No UV, no radiation.

Working Volt(V) AC85V – 264V
Work Freq(HZ) 47HZ – 63HZ
Size(MM) 64*115
Power Factor(PF) Ø 0.92
Power(W) 3
Luminous Flux(LM) ≥ 200
CT(K) 2500K – 6800K
CRI(Ra) Ø 75
Lifespan(H) ≥40000
Working Temp(℃) -25℃ - 50℃
Storage Temp(℃) -40℃ - 80℃
Operating Humidity ≥10%,≤90%
Material Aluminum

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